Tifo & Flags


The word is Italian and basically describes passionate support for your club or sporting team. For our purposes it is the name for any choreography displayed by the supporters in the Supporter Section—this can be a giant banner, flags, card stunt, etc. They are meant to both inspire our club and intimidate our opponents at the beginning of each match and are displayed at the end of the national anthem. Resurgence takes pride prioritizing tifos and dedicating our resources to funding, creating, and producing these amazing displays for our home matches throughout the season and playoffs!

How can I help?

Join Resurgence! We are the most active group in the Supporter Section and we traditionally have the most participation with respect to tifo creation and production. RSG members, Vera Zeigler and Jiho Choi, were responsible for designing almost every tifo in our inaugural season! Resurgence members are notified when and where all tifos are being created and produced. We even have a “Tifo Team” dedicated to creating these massive displays and making sure they’re set in the stadium to look amazing before each match begins.

Can I come help make a tifo if I am not in a supporters group?

Nope. Tifos are a surprise and being a part of their creation is a perk of being part of an officially-recognized supporters group.

I get it, but I’d still like to support the tifo efforts. Is there another way to help?

Absolutely! Anyone can donate to the general tifo fund at tailgates or any of our events. All donations are placed in a specific tifo account to fund these amazing displays (please use the link below to donate)! Also, if you are in the supporters section, PARTICIPATE! Help wave flags, chant loudly, throw confetti/streamers/beer, hold the cards for card stunts, and most importantly, DON’T SHAKE THE FUCKING TIFO!

Contact hypedepot@resurgenceatl.com if you have any questions.


I’ve got a flag/banner/sign, can I bring it into MBS?

As long as it complies with the FO guidelines and you are in Resurgence (or another officially recognized SG), absolutely.


  • Not commercial, political, offensive, or in poor taste.
  • Do not unreasonably obstruct the view of the spectators outside of the supporter section, cover existing stadium signage, or present a public hazard (blocking aisles, etc.).
  • Do not damage the stadium walls, paint, railings, glass, or other stadium property.
  • Not constructed of wood, metal, or other materials that may cause harm to others as determined by Event Management.
  • Cannot be used as a projectile.
  • Poles must be made of a hollow 1/2″ PVC pipe and < 6′ long. Any pole longer must be pre-approved. AUFC & Event Management reserve the right to disallow.

Any items that fall outside of these guidelines must be approved by Atlanta United event management staff prior to matchday. These items will need to be brought into Mercedes-Benz Stadium 3 hours before kickoff, unless otherwise noted by Atlanta United.

(ALL flags on poles must be approved by Resurgence or another official SG prior to entry. All pertinent information regarding stickers, prohibited items, and timelines can be found on our internal Facebook page the week before home games.)

I’m in Resurgence – how do I get my item approved?

Each item must have a custom ATLUTD sticker on it to get into the SS. If you are a member of Resurgence reach out to  hypedepot@resurgenceatl.com if you have any questions.


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