We have two Resurgence membership packs available to new and returning members.

Both memberships cost $35.  Your membership dues go toward:

  • Tifos (space, fabric, plastic, paint, and food/drink for volunteers);
  • Supporter Section atmosphere (flags, banners, signs, drums, etc.);
  • Supplementing occasional travel to away games (buses and food/drink);
  • Keeping tailgates FREE and open (no tailgate tickets ever with RSG);
  • Membership swag
  • Keeping the SS (aka the Hype Depot) rowdy and proud!

All members get access to:

  • Our Facebook members group, special events and tailgates;
  • SG-only events put on by the Front Office (player meet-and-greets, parade participation, etc);
  • The perks associated with membership (away SS tickets, ability to bring in flags/banners to SS, tifo access, etc.).