Chants & Drums


The Resurgence family prides itself it being Rowdy and Proud for 90+ every game. Here’s what you need to know:

Who writes the chants? Where do they come from?
Each chant has its own story and creator. While some are organic and derived from early Resurgence events (We are the A), others were adopted from teams worldwide and adapted to add an element of Atlanta. The different styles and rhythms of our chants reflect the diversity of our members. From Atlanta–to Latin America–to Europe and beyond, we have a taste of everything.

How are chants selected?
Each submission is reviewed to ensure that it isn’t political, racist, etc. and the tune of it is listened to over and over again. If the lyrics and the tune flow well, they are tested out at Resurgence events, such as tailgates and watch parties. When members pick up on the chant naturally, it becomes favored by members and we add it to the list.

Where do I submit chant ideas?
Please email the lyrics and a clear tune to


If Resurgence is the passion of Atlanta United, the drummers are the heartbeat. Here’s all the info you need to know to keep the pulse going:

I want to drum! How do I join?
You’ll need to submit a video tryout. Show us your skill set, whether it’s rudiments, freestyle, or a little bit of both. We prefer you submit on the type of drum you plan on using at games. If you pass tryouts, plan on practicing/warming up with us about an hour before the march in the tailgate area. Drum entry this year will be handled similarly to the beginning of the 2018 season at BDS. The FO will provide us stickers to provide to you to get your drum into the stadium. Please contact for more information.

What’s the deal with stickers?
Drums are considered prohibited items. The sticker on your drum is the ticket for it’s entry. No sticker, no drum. handles sticker distribution for Resurgence. To get a sticker, maintain good contact with the drummers and show up for the games you’ve committed to attend.

Where will the drummers be located in the stadium?
We’ll be in 101 in the SS about 5-10 rows back from the capo stand.

Chant List

We Are The A

We are the A!
* clap clap clap clap *
From Way Down South!!
* clap clap clap clap *
And We Are Here!!
* clap clap clap clap *
Rowdy and proud!!
* Clap clap clap clap *

* Drums start *
Sha la la laaaaa,
Sha la la laaaaaaa,
Sha la la laaaaa,
Sha la la laaaa,
* Repeat 3x *

Our City, Our Club

Oh, Atlantaaaa,
This is our city, This is our club!
And we can’t be stopped!

Na na na naaaaaa,
Na na na naaaaaa,
Na na na na, Na na na na,
Ohhh, Atlanta!!

Sha la la la

(Crouch down for the first two times, then jump up and go mental)
Sha la la la la la laaaa,
Sha la la la la la laaaa,
* Repeat 4x *

Vamos ATL

Vamos, Vamos, Vamos A-T-L!
Clap 2x
Vamos, Vamos, Vamos A-T-L!
Clap 2x
Vamooooos, AAA-T-LLLL!!

Bastards Below

If I had the wings of a sparrow,
If I had the ass of a crow,
I’d fly over (City of Opposing Team) Tomorrow,
And shit on those bastards below!

Shit on, Shit on, Shit on those bastards below!
Shit on, Shit on, Shit on those bastards below!

Come on Atlanta, Score a Goal

(To the Tune of Yankee Doodle)
Come on, Atlanta, score a goal,
It’s really very simple,
Put the ball into the net, and we’ll go fucking mental!!!

La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la

La la la la la la la

Everywhere We Go

Everywhere we go,
Everywhere we go,
It’s Atlantas crew,
Getting Fucking Rude,
Everywhere we gooooo!

Dale Cavese

(No lyrics, but learn this tune to sing along)

No One Likes Us

No one likes us,
No one likes us,
No one likes us!
We don’t care!
We’re Resurgence, Damn Resurgence, Fuck Resurgence,
From the A!

Esta Noche

Vamos, Atlaaannta
Esta Noche, Tenemos que ganaaaaaaar

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