About Us

Our Creed


You will see our flags, you will feel our shake, and you will hear our songs. What do we sing for? We sing songs of a city defined by its resurgence; by change, progress, and diversity. A city that embraces all, despite the differences in our walks of life. We are both lifelong fans and new converts, brought together by a passion for our sport, for our city, and for our club. When we show colors, we show them united as one.

We sing songs of glory, during victory and defeat. There is no other sport that replicates the extremity of life’s emotions quite likes soccer. Through thick and thin, through highs and lows, our voices will not waiver. When we shout, we shout united as one. We sing songs of a club, representative of the city which has become home to us all; no longer identified as natives or transplants, now united as Atlantans. If supporters are the heart of the club, then we are the heartbeat. When we march, we march united as one.

May no one brand us, nor misrepresent us, for they surely will not stop us. We are the black and gold. Where the club goes, we follow.

Hail United.

Ohhhh Josef Martinezzz

Our History

Resurgence began in 2015 as an idea amongst a few friends at a table in Brewhouse Café. The idea was to create an AUFC supporters group that passionately supported the club, the city, and the grassroots that support them both. Everything revolved around passion. Resurgence wanted to be the supporters in the stadium, week in and out. The plan was to do everything to be accessible, from an easily-replicated logo for handmade flags to a diverse and forward-thinking board of directors.

After we unveiled a name and logo representative of Atlanta, Resurgence had high expectations going into the new season. All expectations (both membership and intensity) were smashed before the first regular season match. The passionate 50 quickly became a passionate 700. All tailgates stayed free and accessible to everyone. At home games, Resurgence took charge of tifo design and execution and were typically front and center of the supporters section. For away games, Resurgence was the only AUFC SG to have representation at every match, making their name known across the country.

Passion extended out to the city as the group amassed hundreds of volunteer hours with local organizations, such as Soccer in the Streets, Meals on Wheels – Atlanta, New American Pathways, and MedShare, among others.  As Resurgence pushes into the future, the group remains as accessible as intended from day one. In pouring rain, in beating heat, in victory and in loss, Resurgence will be loud, passionate, and flying their flags.

Code of Conduct

No Discrimination. Ever.
Any discrimination on race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation will result in a ban from the group.  We take pride in our unity through diversity, and discriminatory behavior goes against us, the game, and the city we love.  We ask members to give the Board sufficient time to properly investigate all accusations before acting on complaints.

No Violence
Any fighting, be it within the group or outside of it, will result in a permanent ban. We are all adults, let’s not pretend we’re in a hooligan movie.Threats carry as much weight as actual violence, thus carrying the same punishment of a permanent ban.
Resurgence are a supporters’ group composed of fans from all walks of life. There is no room for gang activity in this group. We are an embodiment of the positives of Atlanta; we will wear our colors in a positive solidarity.

Other Supporters’ Groups
Atlanta is a big city with plenty of room for other SGs, and we are all here for the same reason: to walk with our club through victory and defeat. Altercations between SGs are a silly and fruitless waste of time, especially when we all support the same club. Cooperation with other SGs will be the norm – let’s show them who we are!

When approached by the media, whether it be a small or large outlet, always keep in mind that you are representing the entire group when speaking about Resurgence. Interactions of a larger scale can be handled with help from our Board of Directors. These sorts of things can get sticky – let the board and the rest of the group help you!

Gameday Behavior
We strive to remain a grassroots group. While we will have flags, banners, etc. at our disposal, we promote and encourage any homemade flags or banners as long as they comply with the above guidelines as well as the guidelines set by Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Big or small, be loud!

Throwing things onto the field is a bannable offense. Not only could someone be seriously injured, it slows down the game and momentum. We want to be a loud, positive impact for AUFC on the field.

Atlanta United FC and Resurgence are working together to create a solid environment for each other, and ticket scalping is a violation of trust set in stone between us and the club.  Tickets sold through internal RSG pages should be at face value.

Resurgence is 100 percent behind our team, win or lose. We plan on standing, singing, drumming, and yelling for 90 minutes. We welcome and accept all-ages, but you can expect to hear coarse language. If you’re a parent, or made uncomfortable by any of this, please use your discretion before entering our section or joining our group.

Community Service
Resurgence is actively involved in Atlanta through community service, volunteering on the group’s behalf with multiple local organizations. While participation is not mandatory, it is encouraged that members give their time at least once a year to make this amazing city even better and something worth singing about.

Be heard!
If you have any questions, concerns or comments, positive or negative, please do not hesitate to contact a board member or a member of the leadership team. We are devout fans just like you, and we strive for transparency.

Our Partners